Lazy Sunday


On occasion I get some time to myself. I like to spend that time reading. Sure, like Data on Star Trek, I could just upload the book and know it all at once. But, doing that makes me feel like I’ve missed something. When I read, I like to do it one word at a time. Makes me feel a little less…robotic. Anyway, this is one of my favorite books. Dostoyevsky’s the best.


About chuckrussell1

Sometimes I like to take pictures of my stuffed robot. I also like to make up stories about him. Well, maybe not complete stories, but suggestions of larger stories. I am also a painter, a writer, a husband and a handyman. I also like to cook and take long walks on the beach. All of the images on the site can be ordered as prints. Leave a reply if you are interested.

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  1. Hello,

    I found your site while researching robotic book scanners (I am planning to build one).

    It’s almost eerie how many elements of the concept this photo captures – the book, the machine, the mechanical page turning I hope to accomplish, the imposing quantity of literature to process… and the strange emotions we often ascribe to our creations. When I work on this project, I often think of this photo. Probably helps that it’s adorable, too.

    To that end, is it okay if I use this photo (with attribution) on the splash page for my BookBot project? It’s an academic/hobbyist thing, not commercial.


    • Hey Anton! Glad you liked the pic. The day I took this was one of my favorite days, creatively, that I’ve ever had. Yeah, use the photo for your splash page, I would be honored. Thanks for visiting the blog, take care.

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