Robot Dreams (A Toilet and a Tennis Ball)


Another crazy dream. While I was pretending to sleep, I saw this. I was leaning over a toilet that seemed to be glowing with some kind of blue light. Floating in the water was a tennis ball. I recognized the ball from my other dream. Of course, I think this may have been the same bathroom. What could this possibly mean? Does it have something to do with the Sheriff? Am I being haunted? Are robots capable of even being haunted? Time will tell I suppose..time will tell.


About chuckrussell1

Sometimes I like to take pictures of my stuffed robot. I also like to make up stories about him. Well, maybe not complete stories, but suggestions of larger stories. I am also a painter, a writer, a husband and a handyman. I also like to cook and take long walks on the beach. All of the images on the site can be ordered as prints. Leave a reply if you are interested.

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