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Sometimes I like to take pictures of my stuffed robot. I also like to make up stories about him. Well, maybe not complete stories, but suggestions of larger stories. I am also a painter, a writer, a husband and a handyman. I also like to cook and take long walks on the beach. All of the images on the site can be ordered as prints. Leave a reply if you are interested.

Robot Dreams (A Toilet and a Tennis Ball)


Another crazy dream. While I was pretending to sleep, I saw this. I was leaning over a toilet that seemed to be glowing with some kind of blue light. Floating in the water was a tennis ball. I recognized the ball from my other dream. Of course, I think this may have been the same bathroom. What could this possibly mean? Does it have something to do with the Sheriff? Am I being haunted? Are robots capable of even being haunted? Time will tell I suppose..time will tell.


Lazy Sunday


On occasion I get some time to myself. I like to spend that time reading. Sure, like Data on Star Trek, I could just upload the book and know it all at once. But, doing that makes me feel like I’ve missed something. When I read, I like to do it one word at a time. Makes me feel a little less…robotic. Anyway, this is one of my favorite books. Dostoyevsky’s the best.

Here’s Lookin’ At You…Robot.


I never sleep. I see the humans around me doing it all the time. Afternoon naps, dozing on the bus, getting their rest any way they can. Me, I can only close my eyes (which aren’t even eyes). The funny thing is, though, I dream. A robot dreaming…go figure.  It makes no sense, but it’s true. The other day I was dreaming with my eyes closed. In the dream, my back was against a mirror, and I was holding a tin of some sort. In that tin were thumbtacks. Clear thumbtacks. In the sink next to me were tennis balls. I had this overwhelming feeling of gloom (although, to be fair, I usually have that). Tennis balls…that’s just crazy.

"Your love's in the sink."

Crime Scene Photo of a Robot Killin’


I took this shot with the camera that I have I my eye socket. I’m gonna find out the identity of this guy that looked like Hank Williams, Jr. and claimed to be the Sheriff of Hong Kong. He’s a bad dude. Correction: was a bad dude. Normally, as a robot, I don’t like to use force, but sometimes I get angry. And you won’t like me when I’m angry. ‘Nuff said.

If You’re Going to Shoot…Shoot. Don’t talk.


It was a dark and oily day. The man said he was my friend. He looked a little like Hank Williams, Jr. That should have tipped me off. I don’t even know Hank Williams, Jr. But I played along for a while, until he drew down on me. Then I had to shoot him. Sometimes you’ve got to do what you’ve gotta do. Sometimes you got to shoot and not talk.

"He said he was the Sheriff of Hong Kong...I think he was lying."

New Blog! It’s Just About My Robot!


Hey folks! Guess what? I started a new blog. This one will be all about my robot. And by that, I mean photographs of my stuffed robot that my mother got me as a gag gift a few years ago (I’m 39, not 12). Anyway, I decided to do a series of photos with the bot, placing him in odd settings and situations. I really wanted to see what made this guy tick (so to speak). I will be taking some new shots over time. Hope you have fun looking at ’em.

"Kid...we've all got it comin'."