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Robot Dreams (A Toilet and a Tennis Ball)


Another crazy dream. While I was pretending to sleep, I saw this. I was leaning over a toilet that seemed to be glowing with some kind of blue light. Floating in the water was a tennis ball. I recognized the ball from my other dream. Of course, I think this may have been the same bathroom. What could this possibly mean? Does it have something to do with the Sheriff? Am I being haunted? Are robots capable of even being haunted? Time will tell I suppose..time will tell.


Here’s Lookin’ At You…Robot.


I never sleep. I see the humans around me doing it all the time. Afternoon naps, dozing on the bus, getting their rest any way they can. Me, I can only close my eyes (which aren’t even eyes). The funny thing is, though, I dream. A robot dreaming…go figure.  It makes no sense, but it’s true. The other day I was dreaming with my eyes closed. In the dream, my back was against a mirror, and I was holding a tin of some sort. In that tin were thumbtacks. Clear thumbtacks. In the sink next to me were tennis balls. I had this overwhelming feeling of gloom (although, to be fair, I usually have that). Tennis balls…that’s just crazy.

"Your love's in the sink."