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If You’re Going to Shoot…Shoot. Don’t talk.


It was a dark and oily day. The man said he was my friend. He looked a little like Hank Williams, Jr. That should have tipped me off. I don’t even know Hank Williams, Jr. But I played along for a while, until he drew down on me. Then I had to shoot him. Sometimes you’ve got to do what you’ve gotta do. Sometimes you got to shoot and not talk.

"He said he was the Sheriff of Hong Kong...I think he was lying."


New Blog! It’s Just About My Robot!


Hey folks! Guess what? I started a new blog. This one will be all about my robot. And by that, I mean photographs of my stuffed robot that my mother got me as a gag gift a few years ago (I’m 39, not 12). Anyway, I decided to do a series of photos with the bot, placing him in odd settings and situations. I really wanted to see what made this guy tick (so to speak). I will be taking some new shots over time. Hope you have fun looking at ’em.

"Kid...we've all got it comin'."